Shanghai Jie Wu precision machinery Co., Ltd.
Add: No.3,Lane 108,TangMing Road,ShiHuDang Town,SongJiang District 201617 Shanghai China


       Following ISO9001 standard from the beginning of our business, we establish quality system, developed advanced production procedure, and operated management document in a general and normative way. This makes our product to have high quality and with stable status. We also introduced advanced designing concept and manufacturing technique from US and Europe to keep design and develop new production process and strengthen our testing method. With these techniques, we set up a professional team consisting of technicians, engineers and salesmen. We will promote TS16949 quality system to run with better technique and quality control. With better management style and reasonable price, we hope to have better cooperation with our customers in this competitive market and go further in the technical field.

        We insist on “People oriented, faithful operation” to provide reliable and competent service to our customers to win mutual development.

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Add: No.3,Lane 108,TangMing Road,ShiHuDang Town,SongJiang District 201617 Shanghai China   OLD


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